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Dispute Resolution Models

(These materials are for informational purposes only, to help you recognize your legal rights and responsibilities. They are not a substitute for speaking with an attorney regarding your specific circumstances.)

A number of procedural models are available to a couple going through a physical separation, divorce, or other family-related conflict, to help them resolve the issues between them. The models vary in the amount of attorney and court involvement, conflict and cost to the couple.

Please click on one of the following dispute resolution models for additional information:
  • Pro se (Kitchen Table)
    In the pro se model, parties do not hire attorneys to help them negotiate an agreement, or process any required legal documents with the court system. They negotiate their agreements on their own, which is why this model is frequently referred to as the “kitchen table” model.
  • Traditional Litigation
    In the traditional litigation model of family law, typically each party hires an attorney who advocates for that party’s position.
  • Mediation
    Mediation is a voluntary problem-solving process in which the parties hire a neutral third party to help them negotiate an agreement.
  • Collaborative Law
    In collaborative law, a team of professionals helps parties reach a resolution of issues between them without the threat of litigation.