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Family Law Page

The term “family law” encompasses many aspects of law pertaining to issues revolving around one’s relationship with a loved one, partner or spouse. People who are contemplating marriage frequently want to develop a premarital agreement, particularly if they wish to give some of their assets to children from a prior relationship. Similarly, people who are unmarried but who wish to live together, or raise a family together, may want to set out their agreements as to how they will manage their finances or parent their child/ren. People who are married and wish to remain so may need to negotiate a marital property agreement if they are having issues or disputes regarding the management of their income, assets or debts. People who are married but thinking about separating may need help working out the division of their estate, or their parenting agreement. People who have been divorced but who now face issues regarding their financial arrangements or children may need assistance in resolving those issues.

Given the sensitive, personal nature of family law issues, it is important that the process used to resolve the issues does not cause or contribute to a breakdown in the couple’s relationship. Karen D. Julian is deeply committed to helping her family law clients resolve their issues effectively, creatively, and in a mutually respectful manner, using the principles of both mediation and the collaborative model.

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